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Queer East Presents: We Were Always Here – LGBTQ+ History Month 2024

4 February to 17 February

Marking this year’s LGBT+ History Month, Queer East presents a series of documentaries that explore the lives of queer Asian women and non-binary people around the world. From South Korea to Indonesia, the films reveal how personal experiences are inextricably entangled with politics, looking back at queer histories through the lens of individual and collective memories.


Life Unrehearsed + Online Q&ADate & Time: Sunday 4 February, 13:30Location: The Garden Cinema

Dir Jieun Banpark / South Korea, Germany/ 2022 / 80min

In 1986, Soo-hyun met In-sun at a Korean Christian retreat in Germany and gifted her flowers. Despite threats from her then-husband and the disapproval of Korean society, In-sun fell in love and chose to be with Soo-hyun. Now retired from nursing and in their 70s, the couple continue to advocate for queer and migrant causes both in Berlin and Seoul, as well as nurturing their love and care for each other. The documentary provides an intimate look into their busy lives and the ups and downs of growing old with your partner.

Followed by an online Q&A with the director Jieun Banpark

Queer East is a cross-disciplinary festival that showcases boundary-pushing LGBTQ+ cinema, moving image work and live arts from, and about, East and Southeast Asia and its diaspora communities.

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