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On The Boundary

Video Installation, HD, Color, Stereo, 4min 10sec, Projection on Woodboard, 210 x 100 cm, 2019

People on the Boundary.


Where I am as a foreigner, a queer, a woman, or a person with different color. The film begins with appearing Inseon Kim, who came to Germany in 72. I ask about boundaries by visiting places, where immigrants who came 40 years earlier had demoed and showing performances about boundaries.

Cast : Inseon Kim, Yujin Lee, Yoora Kim, Jieun Banpark, Ahlim Chung

Director : Banpark Jieun



2021 Fault Line: Strike-Slip, fluctoplasma, Thalia Gaußstraße, Hamburg, Germany

2020 Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin, Moviemento, Germany

2019 ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Kino in der KulturBrauerei, Berlin, Germany

2019 19th Seoul International Newmedia Festival, Hongik Univ. Lotte Cinema, Seoul, Korea

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