Life Unrehearsed 두 사람(Work in progress)

Life Unrehearsed
Life Unrehearsed

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Life Unrehearsed
Life Unrehearsed

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Documentary | Korea, Germany | Color | 5.1ch Sound | Korean, German | 80min | 2022

Thirty-six years ago, Lee Soohyun met Kim In-sun at a Korean Christian Women’s Association retreat in Germany and gifted her flowers. Despite threats from her then-husband and the disapproval of Korean society, In-sun found love and chose to be with Soohyun. Now, the two of them—who came to work as nurses in a foreign country where they knew nothing of the language—are still there and already in their 70s. For 30 years, they have lived together in Berlin and

shared in all the joys and sorrows of life. Soohyun and In-sun have stood in solidarity with other foreigners like themselves while also looking after one another. They are two people who overcame boundaries. This is their love story.

Cast : LEE Soohyun, KIM In-sun

Director : BANPARK Jieun

Producer : KIM Dahyoung

Editor: KIM Saebom

Music Composer: LEE Zihern

Sound Editor: KIM Kyou Man(MOS)

Colorist: KIM Hyounghee(DVcat)

<Film Festival>

2022 48th Seoul Independent Film Festival, 1-9.December.2022

2022 27th Incheon Human Rights Film Festival, 24-27.November.2022

2022 27th Busan International Film Festival, 5-14.October.2022

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2022 K-DOC Class at the 14th JEONJU Project

2021 SJM Cultural Foundation

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2021 Beyond The Rainbow Foundation

2021 SIWFF Award in Pitch&Catch, Seoul International Women's Film Festival

2021 KOFIC Fund

2021 EFM DocSalon Toolbox

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