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Daekyojip - The Tailor Under The Bridge

HD, 5.1channel sound, 20min 35sec, 2018

Documentary of the tailor, who made Hanbok over 40 years

‘Daekyojip’ is a documentary on long lost art form of creating Korean traditional garment (hanbok). An old man who had dedicated over forty years of his life slowly opens up and discusses his work : his encounter with the craft, the process of hanbok making, and now defunct store which he had kept for over forty years.

Cast : Ban Youngsang

Director : Banpark Jieun
Cinematographer : Banpark Jieun
Editor : Banpark Jieun
Audio Post Production : mediACT
Sound Design : Choi jiyeoung, Pyo Yongsoo
Sound Editor : Choi jiyeoung, Pyo Yongsoo
Script : Min A Lee
Title Design : Nam Hwajeong
Korean Subtitle Supervision : Choi JI Sunyoung
English Translation : Cassie Jiun Seo

2019 26th OpenEyes Filmfest, Theater Neben Dem Trum, Marburg, Germany

2019 24th International Documentary Film Festival 'Its All True', Itaú Cultural, Sesc 24 de Maio, São Paulo / Estação Net Botafogo 3, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2018 Seoul Independent Film Festival, Apgujeong CGV, Seoul, Korea

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