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A Home For You And Me

HD, 16:9, Stereo, 5min 4sec, 2015

Yeon-hee brings her girlfriend home. They work together, smoke together, and they also make love. Suddenly, somebody crashes the gate, while the two are preparing dinner.


Editor in Chief : Jo Ahra

Designer : Huh Won

Husband : Chang Byeonggwon

Director : Banpark Jieun

Writer : Banpark Jieun

Editor : Banpark Jieun
Cinematographer : Kim Sumin

Lighting Technician : Hwang Gyeonghyeon
Sound Recordist : Hyejung Kim, Park Suncheon, Gu Daehui

Audio Post Production : mediACT

Sound Design : Go Eunha

Scripter : Go Hyoju, Gangyou Garam

Makeup Artist : Jo Hyegyung

Slate : Go Hyoju, Gu Daehui

Data Manager : Gangyou Garam

Vehicle Support : Kim Dahyeong

Equipment Help : Kim Yujin

Poster Photography : Choi Dahye

Title Design : Nam Hwajeong

Translation Huh Won

Chief Director : Lee Sukgyung

2015 Korea Queer Film Festival

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