Banpark Jieun

My work exists to ask questions about solid social ideas, beginning with an interest in being socially alienated and forgotten.

The old, alienated, forgotten memories, the culmination of the race of the capitalist society, the beautiful but not useful. How is gender, sexuality and the body seen and expressed today? How to critically reflect and solve social phenomena. What is the methodology for breaking down a strong heteronormative society as an Asian and queer? how a small twist does effect on this society.

내 작업은 사회적으로 소외되고 잊혀져가는 것에 대한 관심을 시작으로, 사회적, 시스템적으로 거스르기 힘든 견고한 사회의 관념에 질문을 던지기 위해 존재한다.

오래되고 소외되어 기억에서 잊혀져가는 것에 대해, 자본주의 사회의 경주에서 도태되어 버린 것애 대해, 쓸모가 있는 것은 아니지만 아름다운 것에 대해 기록한다. 오늘날의 젠더, 섹슈얼리티, 몸은 어떻게 보여지고 표현되는가. 사회현상을 어떻게 비판적으로 반영하고 풀어나갈 것인가. 동양인 여성/퀴어로써 견고한 헤테로 사회를 깨부수기 위한 방법론은 무엇인가. 작은 비틀림은 이 사회에 어떤 효과를 불러오는지를 연구한다.


Since 2018

Absolvent in Art and Media, Berlin University of  the Arts, Germany


BFA in Fine Arts, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul, Korea

Selected Exhibitions & Screenings

2019         ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Berlin, Germany

2019         Seoul International Newmedia Festival, Seoul, Korea

2019         OpenEyes Filmfest, Marburg, Germany

2019         International Documentary Film Festival 'It's All True', São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2019         Dreisam, Offener Kunstverein Potsdam, Germany

2018           Seoul Independent Film Festival, CGV Apgujeong, Seoul, Korea

2015           Korea Queer Film Festival, Lotte Cinema Sinsa, Seoul, Korea

2015           3355 Film Festival, Seoul, Korea

2014           Korea Queer Film Festival, Sungmisan Theater, Seoul, Korea

2013           Here Come Queer, Gallery Toma, Daegue, Korea

2010           Put, Seoul, Korea


2016         The Story about Making Independent Films, Seoul

2013           Finding Sea Horses, Sam, Seoul

2013           People like us, Seoul


2013           People like us, Seoul

2011           Here Comes Lesbians!, Lesbian Artivist Group [ITDA]

Other Careers

2015             Producer, The Jinju Hair Salon, Film

2013            Title Designer, Music, What to Say, Film

2013            Staff, Mapo Rainbow Residents's Solidarity, Seoul, Korea

2010-2016 Staff, Seoul Queer Culture Festival, Korea

2013            Editor, Cartoonist, Rainbow Ring Magazine

2011-2013 Medics with Vietnam and Peace

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