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Life Unrehearsed at the 3rd PrideFull Fest NYC

최종 수정일: 2023년 9월 4일

Tickets on sale!

We're thrilled to announce the lineup of PrideFull Fest 2023! Join us for an incredible showcase of 14 LGBTQIA2S+ BIPOC films, special events, and a free panel discussion, available in NYC and virtually across the US between 9/12 - 9/21.

This year’s lineup also includes the North American Premiere of “Every Time I Die”, US premiere of “Life Unrehearsed”, and New York premiere of “A Letter From the Ashes” and “Hex the Patriarchy.”

Explore the full lineup and get your tickets now!

Life Unrehearsed

Directed by Jieun Banpark Republic of Korea | 2022 | Documentary | 80 min Thirty-six years ago, Lee Soohyun met Kim In-sun at a Korean Christian Women’s Association retreat in Germany and gifted her flowers. Despite threats from her then-husband and the disapproval of Korean society, In-sun found love and chose to be with Soohyun. Now, the two of them—who came to work as nurses in a foreign country where they knew nothing of the language—are still there and already in their 70s. For 30 years, they have lived together in Berlin and shared in all the joys and sorrows of life. Soohyun and In-sun have stood in solidarity with other foreigners like themselves while also looking after one another. They are two people who overcame boundaries. This is their love story.

Director's Statement Visualization of the problem of older lesbians In 2007, the Korean government tried to enact an anti-discrimination law, including sexual orientation, but it was thwarted by strong opposition from Christian groups. Since then, no anti-discrimination law has been enacted in Korea until 2022 due to the organized activities of conservative Christian groups. When the annual Queer Culture Festival is held, a rally against discrimination against LGBT people is held at the same time. Especially in Korea, the existence of older lesbians is not revealed. Since they did not appear in the media, they did not stand out as if not exist. It's like the Asians to be seen in German flower shops, restaurants, and Asian supermarkets are rarely seen in the media. In this film, the two have lived in Germany twice as long as in Korea, but they are still treated as strangers. A film of solidarity dedicated to LGBTQ That's why this film is meant to allow lesbians to stand side by side with other people and face the world. The young generations have no role models of their own and doesn’t imagine getting older. This film wants to tell those in teens to 30s that lives continue after that, and those in 40s to 80s that people like you are still living like this. Our lives don't cut off suddenly as if we close a book, but rather like writing a diary and turning the pages of a book, they go on and on day by day. Screening + Q&A

US Premiere Date/Time: 9/17 (Sun) 1PM EDT (Doors open at 12:30PM) Location: Firehouse: DCTV's Cinema for Documentary Film, 87 Lafayette St NYC 10013 (Entrance on White Street) This program is co-presented by DCTV.

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