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Into the “Into the Universe of Technical Images” – Präsentation

poster design by Fang Tsai

Our motto for the seminar "Into the 'Into the Universe of Technical Images'” was "Learn to decide concretely to create an abstract world. And learn to imagine abstractly to look into the concrete world." To communicate with the world as artists, we turned to the philosopher and cultural theorist Vilém Flusser for insights, and more precisely to his book "Into the Universe of Technical Images." This class aimed not only to learn what Flusser states in this piece but also to adapt his ideas to see the world through embodiment. We explored the verbs Flusser provides in this book and laid the actual foundation (gestures) for our own beginning to realise the interactivity with today's media art. - We warmly invite you to our presentation that reveals our intellectual and practical attempts. This event is part of Vorspiel 2023 with CTM Festival and transmediale. Please reserve your spot via email.

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